Praktik Arsitek dalam Pencarian Keseimbangan Baru


  • Suwardana Winata Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Nasional, Badan Pendidikan Jakarta



epidemic collaboration, BIM, disruption, digital


Title: Architect Practice in Search of Balance in New Norm


Epidemic Covid 19 enforce us to retrospect our everdayness living, including how architects do for living and for the architectural practice. These condition makes some re- adjustement in architectural  program, in some level must renovate totally. The biggest problem in architect profession is the project coordination, because social distancing and large number of meeting member must reduced to minimal level. This condition pushs architects to review their working process in studio and on the projects field. Physical studio is no longer a good place to collaborate and must transform into the digital studio. Digital system become a bridge to connect between stakeholders and the architects. Digital tools and method becoming an extention tools for our eyes and sense. Digital methods and practices suddenly become a daily activities for every level in architecture firms, such as Big Data. The colabortive works in digital format become important, one of them is Building Information Modelling, works as collabortive tools in virtual digital studio. The coding and the scripting are the next language for architect must learn, beside the architecture itself. Within the epidemic, disruption of profession is not a discourse anymore, but a fact that must commenced. Creativity and colaborative is the survival tools in today harsh life .


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