Penyesuaian Metode Penanganan Proyek dan Desain Arsitektur pada Masa Pandemi

Studi Kasus: Proyek Painter House dan Villa Nabu oleh Bale Design


  • Gede Arista Gunawan Studio Bale Design



project, architecture, design, method, pandemic


Title: Adjustments of Project Handling and Architecture Design Method at Pandemic Time:

Case Studies:  Painter House and Villa Nabu Projects by Bale Design


Architects have methods in project handling and architecture design. Physical interaction is an important part of the method, between architect and his client or his design or construction team. The pandemic has changed the design and construction process, because of the limitation of physical interaction between parties on a project. Physical interaction has been replaced with online interaction. The writer doing case studies to project handling of ongoing works, Painter House in Bali and Villa Nabu in Lombok. The architect has adjusted the method of the design process and design approach. Architect feels benefits from online interactions, like some technical practicalities in communication to many parties on the project. But architect also feels the downside of online interaction like the decreasing of psychological quality in communication, especially in convincing people because of the decreasing persuasive personal approaches which usually built from analyzing facial and body gestures in the physical interaction. The architect profession is much related to services, which needs to convinced many parties on the project. Architect has tried to improve the lack of psychological quality in online communication by increasing the number of online interactions, while also limiting the content of the communication and allowing enough time lags for other parties to be able to absorb the given information properly before responding back to it. Other factors also have increased the complexity of communication, like the position of the clients in foreign countries, the location of the project on a different island from the architect, the location of the developer on a different island from the architect, and the early phase of the projects where architect need to work in collaboration with a foreign architect on another country.


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