• Irma Desiyana


Living in Kampung (village) in Jakarta has created a unique social interaction that strengthens community bonds, tradition, and identity. However, it is also challenging the way of life to fit in the limited space by obscuring the private and public property and activity. Distressing to live in an apartment and outer city, people tend to live in landed houses in the urban village, both in Kalianyar and Jembatan Besi, Tambora, Jakarta. Hence, this paper aims to study the socio-spatial sustainability of the dense kampung in Jakarta, especially in Kalianyar and Jembatan Besi to find a basic pattern of the habitable and sustainable environment. This research gathers information on field observation, cultural mapping, documentation, and interview; then classified them into the social and spatial pattern. These facts and patterns are illustrated using images and maps as substances to analyze the correlation, networking, and cycle. Also, sustainable built environment involves the diverse community and cultural diversity. People act as cultural drivers that trigger, shape, and maintain built environment. Findings on the correlations and patterns of social and spatial life will guide designers to create a sustainable environment by preserving social power and identity to define their spatial and social needs.


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