• Marcella Steffi
  • Wiyatiningsih


The study discusses the design of culinary park in the context of Cirebon City by implementing a behavioral approach in architectural design. Cirebon as a metropolitan city has a high population density and it is dominated by trade and service activities. Kejaksan Park, one of the landmarks of Cirebon City is located in the surrounding area of Cirebon Station. This area becomes the center of economic growth of Cirebon City. The center of economic activity in this area is shown by various routine activities dominated by informal economic activities. Street vendors play a great role in emerging crowds in Kejaksan Park. The existence of the street vendors has an impact on the spatial disorientation, the emerging of economic gaps and the difficulties to access the urban space. Based on the problem, the study purposes to implement a behavioral approach in designing the space for street vendors. By implementing the behavioral approach, it is expected that the problems emerged by street vendors can be solved by designing a Culinary Park around Kejaksan Park. The study implements the three principles of behavioral approach in architectural design, namely: 1) human and environment, 2) comfortness and happiness, and 3) the beauty and composition of forms. The Culinary Park design by the behavioral approach will improve the image of Kejaksan Park and strengthen the characteristic of Cirebon City.


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