• Antonius Ardiyanto
  • Rudyanto Soesilo
  • Valentinus Suroto
  • Hudi Prawoto


The city of Semarang is a city that has many heritage buildings, and is a colonial residence. In an effort to preserve the building, the building owners made several efforts, one of which was to convert the function of the building into a building with additional independent business functions. In some cases these colonial residences are still preserved but there has been a change in the function of the space as a place for business, one of which being an office. The purpose of this study is to find out how the changing of colonial residential space for office business functions. This research method uses qualitative methods that are descriptive exploratory. Two cases of colonial residences for offices were chosen, namely the house belonging to Mr. Widiyanto, and Mr. Henry. The results showed that the two residential buildings were modified by updating materials, and adding space to office functions, both inside the building and adding new buildings in addition to the original house building.


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