• Muhammad Najib


The limitations of environmental resources and settlers on the islands can be overcome by utilizing local materials in their residential buildings in a sustainable manner. This supports local environmental, cultural and traditional conservation programs in the region. The research was conducted to examine the relationship between conservation, development and environmental management efforts, through the form of residential units as a place to move and work on the islands. The results showed that the use of local materials in the design of island dwellings was very dominant in the use of 'faint' wood for poles/columns; boards and beams for building floor and wall components; silar/gebang leaves and boards for building wall components, as well as bamboo blades for floor components and building roof coverings. Domination of the use of local materials with consideration of adaptation to the environment, thermal comfort, and socio-economic conditions of the occupants. The principle of archipelagic dwelling design is related to the development of marginal rural areas on islands and small islands to realize the need for space to live and live with natural values. The continuity of the development of island dwelling houses using local building materials can be carried out with the method of community participation in order to suppress the financing needs of the wage component.


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